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angels and ropes

v5. midway to a dream

Liz, dammit.
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This is the graphics journal for liangzhu, who decided that she needed another journal to keep up with. Its name was inspired by dammitliv, which is not the lovely Liv's icon journal; that would be ice_cubed.

All entries are public, so there is no need to try and join the community, but feel free to friend it if you want to keep an eye on things! I will be accepting people as members, if you wish to join, but you won't have posting access, so it's completely unnecessary to.


I will take requests, but I reserve the right to be fickle about whether or not to accept it; my Photoshop muse tends to be fickle, and school is supposed to be my top priority. If it's simply the customizing of an existing icon, it is certainly possible.

I mostly make icons and headers/banners, though those tend to be very specific (i.e. for a particular person). Occasionally, a wallpaper will pop up.


Wallpapers :: Moodsets :: Brushes :: Screencaps

Profile {Kamil Vojnar + GettyImages} || brushes by dearest || lyrics from Tom McRae's "Karaoke Soul" || v. title from SID's "Hikari"

Header {Hiroto from alice nine.} - pictures from jrock_scans || brushes by freshmakers || lyrics from VAMPS' "Evanescent"

Other brushes used in icons, as well as sources for some pictures come from this list.

If you ever see me miscredit something (or omit credit altogether), it's not intentionally done. Please just drop me a line and I'll be glad to fix it. :)

Comment on the most recent entry if you'd like to be added.

ice_cubed meridianicons redtshirt
ganbutsu mumu_icons qwertygrafx
glass_x_wings bottledicons

xmen_icontest psc_stillness

jrock_stillness a9_stillness
animal_icontest jmusic_abc

J-music || Comics, Actors, TV, etc.


pickmybest abc_icons 10variations
icons100 - Sam Monroe (Life As A House)
50music - Hyde
jmusic50 - Masa; Shin (Kagrra,)